Where is the Simpsons' Springfield?
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Aside from the usual new observations and information incorporated from recently aired episodes, Dmitri Brengauz gives us a humorous look at Where is Springfield, as well, an explanation for the show's discontinuity. Check it out.

Where is The Simpson's Springfield? [version 2.4]

First, you have to remember that nobody really believes Springfield is anywhere in particular. It's just an `Anytown, USA'. Bearing this in mind, it's still fun to see what sort of clues we're given, to find out [if] it existed, where it would be. - Raymond Chen

Matt Groening speaks

From: gupta@muddled.cso.uiuc.edu (Rohit Gupta) 16 Nov 90

I'm from Springfield, IL, and one of the local papers recently had an interview with MG. In it he was asked about `Springfield' and he replied that he chose it because it is one of the most common city names.

The Zen of Springfield

This scene from a preliminary script to ``Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes'' demonstrates the proper attitude to have towards the issue.

Scene: A train station. Herbert Powell is at the ticket booth.

Herb: I want a ticket to Springfield.
Ticket Agent: Springfield, Illinois?
Herb: No.
Ticket Agent: Springfield, Massachusetts?
Herb: No, Springfield...

As Herb says the name of the state, a train whistle blows, preventing us from hearing the answer.

"The Real Origin of Springfield and The Simpsons" by Dmitri Brengauz

I noticed that the last line of Homer's driver's license reads: Springfield, NT 49007. Now, it is very well know that there is no state in the U.S. with the postal abbreviation NT, however, NT is the postal abbreviation for Northern Territory -- the least populous region of Australia (cap.: Darwin). Unfortunately, I know for a fact that that there is no town with a population of over 50 people anywhere in the NT with the name "Springfield." There is however, an interesting hypothesis which would explain ALL of the continuity problems in the show.

The very real town of Tennant Creek, NT was said to have been founded when a road train (a tractor trailer-trailer-trailer another Outback phenomenon) laden with beer broke down on the road between Darwin and Alice Springs. The drivers made themselves comfortable to enjoy their cargo, found some ore deposits, and thereby founded the town.

Now, Homer J. Simpson of Springfield, NT (a town of 0-20 or so people) was just such a driver, and the beer combined with the dry desert heat made him see all sorts of wonderful messages and dreams, the contents of which he wrote on the backs of over 200 empty beer cases. Matt Groening, on an Australian holiday, found the truck, the corpse, and the messages. And this was the origin of the show. - Dmitri Brengauz

What country is the Simpson's Springfield in?

It's pretty clear the Simpson's Springfield is in the United States of America. US flags hang everywhere. (Note the flag during the opening credits.)

[7G01] Bart & Lisa watch ``America's Most Armed and Dangerous''.
[7G02] Bart calls Homer a ``balding North American ape''.
[7G10] Bart joins the ``Future Photographers of America'' club.
[7F06] Lance Murdoch says, ``The United States of America has the best doctor-to-daredevil ratio in the world.''
[7F07] Pauline M Muggli (pmmuggli@uokmax.ecn.uoknor.edu) observes that Springfield is in a country that celebrates Thanksgiving, complete with pilgrims and Indians. Also, Bart dreams of Uncle Sam.
[7F16] When Herbert Powell asks Homer what country he's from, Homer proudly announces, ``America!''. (Just goes to show that Homer doesn't know the name of his own country, I guess.)
[7F21] Bart says to the bank clerk, ``Americanize this, my good man.''
[7F22] Monty Burns dictates his epitaph to read, ``Charles Montgomery Burns, American Patriot''.
[8F01] So much evidence it isn't funny.
[8F04] Homer says, ``Hey, this is the only paper in America that's not afraid to tell the truth.''
[8F22] Homer takes part in the Fourth of July parade.
[9F02] Troy says, ``Live from beautiful Laughlin, Nevada, it's the Miss American Girl Pageant!''
[9F06] Marge states you can see the Simpson house in the photo of TIME's cover story: ``America's Worst City''.
[9F19] Bart says, ``That cute little character could take America by storm.''
[9F20] Lionel Hutz says, ``If there's one thing America needs, it's more lawyers.''
[1F01] Homer says, ``Mmmm, sixty four slices of American cheese.''
[1F04] Neddy Devil says, ``Oh, you Americans with your due process and fair trials.''
[1F07] Mrs. Krabappel says, ``...and in our American democracy, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. (Bart replies, ``God bless America.'')
[1F12] Malibu Stacey promotional film: ``Malibu Stacy -- America's favourite 8 1/2 incher.''
[1F13] NASA Scientist says, ``People, we're in danger of losing our funding. America isn't interested in space exploration any more.''

Homer frequently chants, ``U-S-A! U-S-A!''

States with Springfields (not that it matters much; Springfield is a fictional town, so why insist there actually (be) a real town `Springfield'?)

aa588@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Eddie Anthony): After checking my Rand-McNally road Atlas, here are your choices:

Colorado Florida Georgia Illinois Kentucky Louisiana Massachusetts Minnesota Missouri Nebraska New Jersey Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Vermont Virginia

These are the only states to show a Springfield in the atlas. Many also had a Springvale, or a Springdale, or a Springbrook, but only those 19 had a Springfield.

trb@ima.isc.com (Andrew Tannenbaum): According to the geographic database at telnet martini.eecs.umich.edu 3000, the 34 following US states/possesions have at least one Springfield:

Alabama Arkansas California Colorado Florida Georgia Idaho Illinois Indiana Kentucky Louisiana Massachusetts Maryland Maine Michigan Minnesota Missouri North Carolina Nebraska New Hampshire New Jersey New York Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Virginia Virgin Islands Vermont Wisconsin West Virginia

Misc Observations

TP Uschanov (uschanov@cc.joensuu.fi): I just noticed that "Bart the Murderer" seems to indicate that the Simpsons' home state (1) has capital punishment and (2) is by electrocution. States that do are Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Nebraska, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

Daniel Watts (watd@uhura.cc.rochester.edu): Last week I drove through Scranton, PA. Now that's a town with serious Springfield potential!

Where Springfield isn't, in alphabetical order

Only direct evidence is permitted here. Calling upon weather conditions, accents, or proximity to casinos doesn't count. Many of the states appear here on the principle that you don't give the state after the city if it's the state you're currently in.

Alabama, Minnesota, New York -- Other states which had their own essay competitions. [8F01]
Alabama -- A store in Springfield Mall has things from this state. [7F22] -- One of the frat brothers comes from the Alabama chapter. [8F10]
Alaska -- Krusty's guest brings an Alaskan timberwolf on his show. [9F05] -- The family's free trip to any state didn't include Alaska. [2F08]
California -- Los Angeles is mentioned on the Michelangelo's David coast-to-coast tour of United States. {see note below} [7F09]
Florida -- The Top Hat Channel is not available in Florida or Utah. [7F13] -- The Winfields move there. [9F06] -- Abe sent the family a postcard from this state. [2F06]
Hawaii -- Not within driving distance of Michigan. [7F16] -- Horst informs SNPP drunks they'll spend six weeks at their drying-out facility in Hawaii. [8F09] -- Homer wants to take the whole family there. [9F17] -- The family's free trip to any state didn't include Hawaii. [2F08]
Illinois -- Springfield is not the state capital [7F01] {dwt} -- Chicago is mentioned on the Michelangelo's David coast-to-coast tour of United States. {see note below} [7F09] -- The driver's licence agency is not called `DMV' [7F15] {dwt}
Iowa -- Bart & Lisa's aptitude tests were graded in this state. [8F15]
Louisiana -- Mt. Splashmore services the tri-county area. [7F18] Chief Wiggum located a hole-digger in Shreveport [8F11]
Maryland -- Milhouse has a Krusty trading card showing Krusty visiting relatives in Annapolis, Maryland. [1F04]
Massachusetts-Boston is mentioned on the Michelangelo's David coast-to-coast tour of United States. {see note below} [7F09]
Michigan -- in [7F16], they drive home, passing a sign that says, ``You are leaving Michigan''. -- The Box factory boxes are not assembled in Springfield, but in Flint, Michigan. [1F11]
Mississippi - Krusty started out as a street mime in Tupelo. [7G12]
Missouri -- Marge mentions the bowling museum in ``Saint Looee, Missouri'' [7F15] {dwt} -- Abe mentions his state, [2F06]
Nevada -- Burns asks Homer if he's aware of the state's usury laws. Nevada has none. [8F06] {sg2}
New Jersey -- Leon says ``I'm a bricklayer from Paterson, New Jersey.'' [7F24]
New York -- New York is mentioned on the Michelangelo's David coast-to-coast tour of United States. {see note below} [7F09]
Ohio -- There are no Kwik-E-Marts in Ohio. [1F10]
Texas -- Bea says, ``I'm haunting a family in Texas'' [7F17]
Utah -- The Top Hat Channel is not available in Florida or Utah. [7F13]
Washington D.C. -- An executive at the Malibu Stacey factory calls in a favour from Washington. [1F12]
West Virginia -- Lisa wails for the West Virginia coal-miner. [7G06]
{Note: It could be said that Springfield might be in the same state is one of the other four cities mentioned by the artist in [7F09].} Evidence, in numerical order

[title sequence] Springfield is hilly. {ls} It is small enough to have only one elementary school, namely, `Springfield Elementary School'.

[7G07] Springfield was founded by a bear-fighting woodsman. {ls}
[7G13] Springfield has its own International Airport. {ls}
[7F01] The state flag has three horizontal bands, green above white above red (maybe orange). The state motto is `Not just another state'. {kcc} Springfield is north of (or uphill of) the state capital.
[7F02] Homer's social security number is 568-47-0008, and the 568 prefix is typically issued in California.
[7F03] Springfield is far enough north to get snow (and for the residents to have plenty of snow-related equipment), but south enough that six inches of snow will close the schools.
[7F05] The Springfield Topes faced teams from Shelbyville, Salem, and Burlington. These would be towns and small cities from the same area as Springfield. {kcc}
[7F06] Bart attempted to jump Springfield gorge (a la Evel Knievel) on his skateboard. Typically, gorges are cut either by glacial action or fast rushing rivers (see the Grand Canyon). {rd}
[7F08] Springfield is located west of the Mississippi River since the call letters of the radio station begins with a `K'. {ck} There are some exceptions to the `K/W' rule, though.
[7F09] The Springfield television station is big enough to have affiliates.
[7F12] Artie says, ``Woe unto Shelbyville, should they underestimate our strength in dramatic interpretation,'' and later Marge says, ``You (knew) the city forensics finals are tomorrow, and you kept me here until 1am pretending to be stupid?'' What does this mean? Possible explanations can be found in the capsule for 7F12.
[7F15] Selma was wearing a `Springfield U' sweatshirt. The agency that distributes driver's licences is called the `DMV'. The ZIP codes (90701 and 90702) correspond to Artesia, California.
[7F16] The family drove to Detroit, Michigan within one week.
[7F17] Grampa has to cross the state border to reach a casino, so Springfield must be in a state that borders Nevada or New Jersey. But it can't be New Jersey because New Jersey allows casino gambling only in Atlantic City, which isn't a border town.
[7F18] The address on the letter is ``Marge Bouvier, Springfield, USA.'' {rc}
[7F24] Springfield has a garage/shop called `Smog Check' or something similar. It is the background when Apu is talking on the phone, finding out about Michael's visit. So Springfield must be in a state that actually enforces emissions laws. {sg}
Route 401 passes through the city. (The highway reappears in [8F17] and [8F21].)
[8F01] Springfield is near the south-east corner of a state that is landlocked on the South-east corner. Moreover, that corner is common to three other state corners, and there is only one Four Corners in the USA, suggesting Utah. Unfortunately, the borders at the corners are crooked, whereas in the real USA, they're straight. And {ag} points out that that region of Utah is VERY desolate.
The state abbreviation on the map was `NT', {cpc} although the address on the junk mail was `TA'. {rm}
They flew into Dulles.

[8F04] The map on which the TV reporters have marked the lethality zones clearly shows Springfield to be a city on the West side of the mouth of a river which flows South. {dg2}
v[8F14] The radio station's call letters are WKxxx. Spanish conquistadors roamed the Rancho Relaxo area.
[8F17] The state Springfield is in has a lottery, for which the odds of winning are 1 in 380,000,000. (I.e., choose 6 of 83.) The state also contains Swartzwelder County.
[8F20] Sideshow Bob and Selma walk along an ocean beach.
[8F21] Otto's driver's licence looks a hecukvalot like the California driver's licence. Complete with the useless dot in the corner. (Yes, I know it's not useless.)
[8F22] Samantha says they moved from Phoenix, but doesn't say ``Arizona''. So they might be in Arizona...
[8F24] Krusty drives Bart & Lisa to Tijuana.
[9F01] Homer drives his car off a dock in Springfield Harbour, only to learn the garbage barge he landed on is headed to Garbage island.
[9F02] Lisa welcomes a boatload of immigrants in Springfield Harbour, only to learn that they're being deported.
[9F07] Springfield is in a part of the country where snow is common.
[9F08] Captain McAllister is attacked by a shark on a house boat.
[9F10] Marge drives to North Haverbrook, a city in the mid-west. Kent says Springfield's zip code is 90201. TP Uschanov (uschanov@cc.joensuu.fi) points out that 90201 is also used for Cerritos, CA, not just Artesia, and that 90701 is Cudahy, Bell and Bell Gardens, CA. All these towns are in Los Angeles county.
[1F06] Homer, Ned, Bart and Todd drift towards an offshore oil rig. This oil rig is shown on Krusty Burger fun map to be near NY.
[1F08] Springfield has a boardwalk.
[1F17] In this ep, we saw that OFF's neighbourhood and Martin's have fenced-in backyards without alleys, endemic to the southern California suburbs. {th}
[1F18] Springfield is near an ocean.
[2F01] The family drove to Itchy & Scratchy Land.
[2F02] In this episode, Springfield Prison appears to be on an island that is similar to Alcatraz Island.
Springfield is within driving distant of Archie's Riverdale.

[2F04] Springfield has a lighthouse commanded by Captain McAllister.

[2F07] Abe shows Homer the place where he grew up. Sources place Homer's birthplace in North Carolina, so Springfield could be in NC. {bw}
[2F08] Homer search for a new watering hole leads him to the Cheers Bar -- which is in Boston, Massachusetts.
The airplane that Homer and Marge were in crashes into the ocean on take off.

Things in Springfield

Springfield Elementary School [title sequence]
Springfield Nuclear Power Plant [title sequence]
Springfield State Prison [title sequence]
Springfield Tire Yard [title sequence]
Springfield Arts [7G06]
Springfield Museum of Natural History [7G06,7F19]
First Church of Springfield [7G07]
Springfield Downs [7G08]
Springfield Primate Institute [7G09]
Springfield Mall [7G11,8F12,8F14]
Springfield International Airport [7G13]
Springfield Kozy Kourt Motel [7F05]
Springfield Savings [7F05]
Springfield War Memorial Stadium [7F05,8F08] home of the Springfield Isotopes (minor league baseball)
Springfield Center for the Performing Arts [7F06]
Springfield General Hospital [7F06,9F09,1F02]
Springfield Gorge [7F06,9F12]
Springfield Speedway [7F06]
Springfield Plasma Center [7F07]
Springfield Retirement Home (Castle) [7F07]
Springfield High School [7F12,9F16]
Springfield Department of Motor Vehicles [7F15,8F21]
Springfield Revolving Restaurant [7F15]
Springfield Tower [7F15]
Springfield University [7F15,2F06]
Springfield Mystery Spot [7F17,8F13]
Springfield Art Museum (Burns Wing) [7F18]
Springfield Community College [7F18]
Springfield Museum [7F19,1F09]
Springfield Post Office [7F22]

(The painting in the Springfield Post Office suggests that the post office has been around since at least the Depression.)

Springfield Collection Agency [7F23]
Michael Jackson Expressway [7F24,8F17]
Springfield National Forest [8F01]
Veterans of Popular Wars building [8F01]
Springfield County Courthouse [8F03] (maybe not in Springfld)
Old Springfield Library [8F05, 8F15]
Springfield Lower East Side [8F05]
Olde Springfield Towne [8F10,9F18]
Mount Springfield [8F12]
Springfield Public Library [8F12]
Fort Springfield [8F13,9F02]
Springfield Heights [8F13]
Springfield Memorial Stadium [8F13]
Springfield Trade Center [8F13]

The Springfield Trade Center had the base of the World Trade Center and the top of the Empire State Building (or was it the Chrysler Building?) which proves once and for all that Springfield is New York City... {sg}

Springfield Animal Hospital [8F17]
Springfield Dog Pound [8F17]
Springfield River [8F17]
Springfield Barber College [8F17,9F03]
Springfield Googolplex Theatres [8F19,8F22]
Springfield Coliseum (hockey rink) [8F21]
Springfield Tire Yard [8F21]
Springfield Civic Center [8F23,9F16]
Springfield Harbor [9F01,9F19]
Springfield Wax Museum [9F02]
Springfield's forbidding Widow's Peak [9F07]
Springfield Medical Library [9F09]
Springfield Escalator to Nowhere {jw} [9F10]
Popsicle Stick Skyscraper {jw} [9F10]
Springfield Sperm Bank [9F11]
Springfield-X theatre [9F13]
Springfield Grapplarium [9F15]
Springfield Hardware [9F17]
Christian fundamentalist school {jw} [9F18]
Springfield Women's Prison [9F20]
Springfield A&M University {jw} [1F02]
Springfield College [1F02]
Springfield Men's Shelter [1F05]
Springfield Lake [1F14]
Springfield Arboretum [1F15]
Springfield Tar Pits [1F15]
Springfield Palace Hotel [1F19]
Springfield Community Center [2F02]
Springfield Hall of Records [2F02]
Springfield Skating Rink [2F05]
Springfield Youth Center [2F05]

That's a lot of stuff for a small suburban town to have...

Things in nearby towns:

Shelbyville Orphanage [7F16]
Mount Splashmore [7F18]
New Bedlam Rest Home for the Emotionally Interesting [7F24]
Shelbyville Nuclear Power Plant [8F04]
Swartzwelder County [8F17]
Spittle County [8F19]
Duff Gardens [9F11]
North Haverbrook Elementary [1F11]
Shelbyville Elementary [1F11]
Spittle County Elementary [1F11]


cpc - Chuck Collins (cpc@cpc.Eng.Sun.COM)
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Some Simpsons Fans Thoughts

Date:          Wed, 5 Nov 1997 14:57:08 -0500 (EST)
From:          Christubal@aol.com
To:            m.mulligan@arnprior.com
Subject:       where the simpsons live

Hey I found 6 shelbyvilles (usa) all in LL, IN, KY, MO, LL, and TN.
I also found 25 springfield (usa)  but i am not going to say all of them but
there are in LL, IN, KY, MO, LL, and TN. the simpson must live in one of
those 6 states.

Date:          Sun, 02 Nov 1997 19:36:14 -0800
From:          JAN PARMENTER 
To:            m.mulligan@arnprior.com
Subject:       Where is Springfield

Sprinfield is a place of imagination. It shows the charicters inner most
disers. And by which is moving to fast for the human eye. In which is 
The Zero Area.

Date:          Sun, 02 Nov 1997 16:34:59 -0500
From:          Ryan Colwell 
Subject:       where is springfield
To:            m.mulligan@arnprior.com
Reply-to:      rcolwell@InfoAve.Net

where is springfield???

	Springfield, Virginia.  There is a Sringfield mall, a springfield
elementary school.  capital city = Washington D.C.  and if you saw the
episode where Bart joins the junior campers and they go rafting, they
get carried out into the ocean, according to Homer's krusty burger map,
they are somewhere in the mid-atlantic, right next to VA.

					a fan

					Ryan Colwell

From:          Da OoBLeCk 
Date:          Sun, 2 Nov 1997 19:11:30 EST
To:            m.mulligan@arnprior.com
Subject:       Where the simpsons live
Organization:  AOL (http://www.aol.com)

  I think the Simpsons live on the east coast. But there in no town Out there
with the nearby towns or landmarks. I think that the writers made the city to
reprsent the whole country of America. They have put in all the stero types
and ethnocentrism of the country. The city has all the stuff that America has,
militry bases, theme parks,malls.  ect....  
  Alec Jeffery.. 
 But what would i know, I am only a little boy...

Date:          Sat, 01 Nov 1997 20:58:02 -0700
From:          Ralph & Jo-Ann Nault 
Reply-to:      rnaultjr@ycs.ab.ca
To:            m.mulligan@arnprior.com
Subject:       Where is Springfeild?

    Springfeild is nowhere. The joke is that it is nowhere.

Date:          Thu, 30 Oct 1997 18:51:28 -0500 (EST)
From:          Jkamkk@aol.com
To:            m.mulligan@arnprior.com
Subject:       Where is Springfield

This is Tyler and Andy writing from Ohio.  It is obvious where the real
Simpson's Springfield is located.  The first and most obvious clue is given
to us in the episode when Homer meets his mother.  The episode begins with
Homer faking his death, causing the government to think that he is dead.
 When he goes to correct the situation  he is told his mother is ailve.
 Homer denies it and says that his mother's grave is up on the hill.  Homer
investigates only to find that it is the grave of Walt Whitman.  After
research we discovered that Walt Whitman died in Springfield, New Jersey.  If
there is need for further proof chew on this.  In the show Springfield is on
the coast, this is demonstarted by the light house in the episode when Homer
is searching for his soulmate and in the episode when they build the Casino.
 If you would check a map you would be quick to find that Springfield New
Jersey is infact on the coast.  So obviously Springfield is located in NEW
JERSEY.  Please e-mail me back as to what you think about this.    (
 amigoatodo@aol.com   )

Date:          Fri, 26 Sep 1997 07:26:29 -0400
From:          Jessica Childs 
Subject:       where is Springfield 
Date:          Mon, 27 Oct 1997 21:37:28 -0500

 Springfield is at west Virginia weslyan college the home of the  bobcats 


From:          "Poole" 
Subject:       Simpsons Location
Date:          Sat, 25 Oct 1997 20:05:18 -0000

I was looking a map the other day and noticed in Illinois there is a
Shelbyville Lake east of Springfield.   Connection....maybe.

From:          andy.kiss@ps.ge.com
To:            m.mulligan@arnprior.com
Subject:       Where the simpsons are.
Date:          Wed, 22 Oct 1997 12:14:07 -0400

If you remember, one of the episodes has Abe Simpson claiming that he
was voted the cutest boy in Albany, NY.  They also make reference to
Upstate NY in other episodes.  Possibly Schenectady?  The actual town
name (Sprinfield)is just a smoke screen.

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